Black Mink Poof


These the ultimate poofs – not only because of their shape, their comfort or that they are covered in the finest furs, but because you can change the covers to suit your mood by pulling off the covers like a sweater! At present, there are five excellent quality mink and one Russian lynx “slipcovers” that fit over the base and cover both the frame and the five wheels – enabling you to move about easily.

Dimensions: 22″H X 20″ Diameter

Other poofs will be created on special order.

A woman’s Dressing Table is depicted throughout history as a place of mystery. While the objects on the table — power, perfumes — are the means, it is the inspiration within the woman seated at the table that determines the outcome. Prince John has created the Ultimate Poof as a luxurious accompaniment to inspiration.

All Poofs have hidden wheels and a swivel seat.

Her Poof will be touched, stroked, feeding her senses with the softest and most beautiful furs. The specialness of these Poofs continues: these expertly fur covers are easily removable, so that different coverings in any fur may be ordered and changed according to the whim, the season, or the decor!

The sterling silver label for the first Poofs in the FURniture Collection is marked with Roman Number V, VI, VII, VIII, IX and X.

PROFESSIONAL DISCOUNT:  Interior Design professionals and Architects receive a  30% price reduction as a professional courtesy.

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