FIREWORKS feels easy on the neck for an object of its complexity and drama. As you go through the images you see that the horizontal dimension is 5″ and the vertical is 6″. You may wish to measure a necklace that is comfortable using the same positions as shown in the images.

The FOUR pairs of earrings are not for pierced ears. They are omega backs. The images show these from the top in the order that they are removed as pairs. Don’t worry about reassembling the piece and putting the earrings on the necklace. Each earring of a pair has a number: 1,2,3,4. On the necklace itself, the positions are numbered: 1,2,3,4. Clipped to a green alligator band are eight 18k pieces holding the omegas. Each earring is inserted into the matching numbered piece. To describe it sounds more complicated than it is.

The THREE separate brooches have double needles and could also be worn as pendants.

My biggest creative challenge was to make this necklace beautiful when worn only with the clasp or with the clasp and a single brooch (from the three) in the center, and to make all of the gems harmonize no matter which permutation is used. The rare genius of the master jeweler who directed the work over the seven-plus months that he and I spent on FIREWORKS is evident in that there is no trace that anything was ever attached to the movemented “X” frame.

Created, Designed and Fabricated in Manhattan under the Direct Supervision of Prince John Landrum Bryant.




















Brooch A: One mounted in 18Kt yellow gold Retail: US$ 85,000

150 Rd. Brilliant cut diamonds weighing 5.25cts, of D.E.F. color, VVS2/VS1 clarity.
59 Round facetted light and dark orange sapphires weighing 5.69cts.
79 Round facetted rubies weighing 1.50cts. of light and dark yellow sapphire.
Brooch has double needle to fit into the necklace.

Brooch B: Retail: US$ 54,000
220 Rd. Brilliant cut diamond weighing 1.21cts, of DEF color, VS clarity
77 round facetted yellow sapphires weighing 1.49cts.
84 Round facetted orange sapphires weighing 1.47cts.
Brooch has double needle to fit into the necklace.

Brooch C: Right hand side Brooch – Retail: US$ 69,000
multi tier spiral 103 Rd. Brilliant cut diamonds weighing 4.00cts, of DEF color, VS
67 Round facetted dark orange sapphires weighing 3.91cts.
113 Round facetted yellow sapphires weighing 1.62cts.

Earrings 1: Fireworks necklace earring Retail: US$ 49,000
34 Rd. Brilliant cut diamonds weighing 1.88cts, of D.E.F. color, VVS2/VS1 clarity.
90 Round facetted blue saps weighing 4.69cts.
120 Round facetted emeralds weighing 1.93cts
mechanism for double needle brooch and earrings

Earrings 2: Firework Necklace side Retail: US$ 33,000
18Kt yellow gold
38 Rd. Brilliant cut diamonds weighing 1.33cts, of D.E.F. color, VVS2/VS1 clarity.
Round facetted emeralds weighing 1.54cts.
24 Round facetted sapphires weighing 2.27cts.

Earrings 3: Firework Necklace Retail: US$ 29,000
Four Rd. Brilliant cut diamonds weighing .13cts, of D.E.F. color, VVS2/VS1 clarity.
23 Round facetted Burma rubies weighing 1.09cts.
23 Round facetted dark rubies weighing 1.05cts.
60 Round facetted dark orange saps weighing 2.50cts.
46 Round facetted blue sapphire weighing .68cts.

Earrings 4: Firework Retail: US$ 30,000
74 Rd. Brilliant cut diamonds weighing .80cts, of D.E.F. color, VVS2/VS1 clarity.
68 Round facetted emeralds weighing 0.61cts.
38 Round facetted saps weighing 0.18cts.



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