Hall/Sofa Table: The “Two Mood” Table


This piece reflects another part of my creative life: fine jewelry. I am always seeking a way to have a piece function as something else or transcend its genre. Can you guess why this table has two moods? It is because that the center panel of antique Japanese fabric is attached to a second panel, different but in harmony with the first. It appears by using the easily accessible small roller beneath the table. Astonish your guest by changing your decor in the middle of a party! The metal frame has been painstakingly covered with two full natural matching python skins so that the curve of the extraordinary legs could be enhanced by the lovely pattern of the skins. For the bottom shelf, I created an unusual design in full, natural python skins.

Dimensions: Length: 66″ Width: 21″ Height: 28″

This piece is unique, but something similar is available on a custom order.

PROFESSIONAL DISCOUNT:  Interior Design professionals and Architects receive a  30% price reduction as a professional courtesy.

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