The Secret Lagoon Coffee Table

Length – 102″, Width – 66″, Height – 36″


This masterpiece was conceived and designed by Prince John Landrum Bryant and fabricated under his direction.

The finest Russian Broad Tail, purchased at the Saint Petersburg Fur Auction for this project, was hand-tinted in fifteen colors in Paris. Then these pieces were given to the master furriers of the Dennis Basso Atelier in New York City to be shaped and sewn into this enchanting tableau, using more than eighty separate patters. Hand embroidery, done in India, with tiny sequins completes this tranquil scene. The result is a tranquil painting in fur for the delight of all who see it.

The border was hand-cast in Opaline blue acrylic with hints of pink with concealed LED lighting. The inside edge is accented with antique Japanese fabric in a sea motif and blue alligator narrow bands accent the transition between the border and the Lagoon.

The border of the glass top, made of three pieces of Star Fire glass, were sandblasted by hand with realistic sea creatures. The design does not to interfere with the enjoyment of the fur tableau. It is a separate experience with an illusion of depth created because the sea creatures have been randomly placed on the five surfaces of the glass.
At the client’s request, the table will be finished as a dining room table or a coffee table, using the hand-cast clear acrylic legs designed for this singular masterpiece.

THE SECRET LAGOON TABLE, a collaboration of over one hundred pairs of the most skilled hands, and countless hours over twenty months, will never be repeated. The Roman Numeral I on a sterling silver plaque, marks it as the first piece of Prince John’s FURniture Project.


PROFESSIONAL DISCOUNT:  Interior Design professionals and Architects receive a  30% price reduction as a professional courtesy.

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