A Pair of “EDO Inspired” Floor Lamps

This pair of unique floor lamps, while simple in feeling, has the presence of elegant, Japanese columns to place on either side of an important opening between rooms.
The slender bases hold a pair of late Eighteenth Century Japanese bronze candlesticks. Looking more closely, you will find that the sides of the rectangular column, covered in alternating green and gold calfskin, have four narrow linear openings from top to bottom, one that may be lighted. The lighting is defused by thick handmade, textured Japanese mulberry paper with a circle motif. This same paper is used as the shades on the bronze candlesticks, which may be lighted separately or with the column. All lights are long-lasting LEDs, and the floor lamps are designed for easy replacement of the lights if necessary.

Dimensions: H 76″ – W 12″ – L 12″

PROFESSIONAL DISCOUNT:  Interior Design professionals and Architects receive a  30% price reduction as a professional courtesy.

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