Kirin Gold

The Kirin — Never seen for the last Three Thousand years … or more!

The Kirin, like the Baku, is a mythical creature in Asian cultures. However, it is considered a most important creature, even a god, known for its wisdom and its gentleness — never harming any living thing. When it walks, it does not bend even a blade of grass. The Kirin I offer to you has the characteristics that have been depicted in drawings and carvings over many centuries. But, because the Kirin only appears before a golden age, or at the beginning of the reign of a just ruler, there is no written report of one being seen, up to and including this moment when I am writing this description for you.

So, acquire this lovely, rare work of art, and reflect on the virtues of the Kirin, hoping that a day comes for our World when Kirins are seen everywhere! This is an exquisitely cast and finished sculpture which took more than ten hours to complete. Entirely hand made in lost wax cast bronze, the hooves, eyes and unicorn-like horn were hand carved and set into the feet and head of each. Each is hand numbered as to piece and edition. My Bronze Kirin has gold plated separately cast hooves, eyes and horn. The Silver Kirin has hooves, eyes and horn carved in black onyx. And the Gold-plated Kirin has turquoise hooves, eyes and horn. These pieces are the last of this edition which will never be repeated.

This piece was made in Manhattan entirely by hand, and was cast, one at a time, using the lost wax process. Prince John Landrum Bryant Created and Designed this piece and Supervised its Fabrication.
Dimensions: 96 x 106 mm.


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