While the modes of transportations are more advanced than the Days of the Three Princes of Seridip, but the twists and turns of the journey are the same!

ELENA this is going to work for me !  Thank you for pealing away all the levels of yhourlearning and experience to bring this to the First Day of Kindergarten!

In essence, am I working from a single, large page.  I so,can I put various size boxes for images to break it up –AND be able to move the locations of the boxes around.

Can I put text or image in a box or can I add text with an image?

To get started, please show me how I could place and image or a slide show in the upper left quarter of the screen and then enter test to the right side?

Also, I assume ‘value’ is sizes.  It would be simpler for me if you gave me 3-5 boxes that I could chose from or you find a seltion in WordPress..  The Blog is going to be Procrustian in concept as I will fit what I want to do into what you give me, rather than

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