Lady’s “Moon Gate” Dressing Table


En-suite with both a small, portable, lighted, three-panel mirror clad in thin, golden lambskin and a harmonizing wastebasket. What a pleasure it was to create, then to design and work with my remarkable team to fabricate these three pieces! It was a process of dead ends and false solutions, but as it came together with its diverse coverings, shapes, colors, and textures – all unexpected harmony from disparate elements – the result was thrilling!

One significant element was the amazing blue-sheared pony skin which stopped me cold when I saw it. It was only a small piece and there was no more. I purchased it, but what would go with it and what would the physical object be?  I tell you this to make clear that my creative instinct is never predictable and it finds its own path to the final product. In this case, a single skin of a special color drove the process of identifying not only the object but what other materials to use with it! The breakthrough came with the discovery of a stunning single 13′ wide length of flat handwoven silk from Turkey.

Dimensions of Vanity: 28″H, 57″W, 26″Deep

This piece is unique and will not be copied. Other vanities can be created to order.

PROFESSIONAL DISCOUNT:  Interior Design professionals and Architects receive a  30% price reduction as a professional courtesy.

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